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Doing excellent work drives our philosophy. Instead, of philanthropy being a by-product of success, it is what drives us.


It’s simple; we do excellent work and your charity and mission benefit.


Our goals are simple, to help make the world a better place. We do this by doing the best possible job for our clients across our businesses.

We work with HNW individuals that would like to donate real estate or luxury goods or use sale proceeds to benefit a cause that matters most to them to deliver maximum mission impact.

Wealthy donors give for personal and altruistic reasons. In citing the top four reasons for their donations in 2017, 54% of wealthy households said they always gave because of their belief in the mission of the organization, 42% always gave because of their belief that their gift can make a difference, 34% always gave to support the same cause or organization year after year and 32% always gave to experience personal satisfaction, enjoyment or fulfillment.

Less than half of wealthy donors have a strategy or a budget in place to guide their charitable giving (49% and 48%, respectively). Those who have a giving vehicle are significantly more likely to have a strategy (75%) and a budget (64%) than the overall respondent group. Older, non-millennial donors are also significantly more likely to have a strategy and budget for their giving than younger donors.




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