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About Duncan

Australian-born and bred, Duncan Schieb has what they call a true “Australian Wanderlust.“ He was born in a small cattle town about seven hours drive northwest of Sydney, whereas a 12-year old, he started calling live auctions for his father’s cattle trading and real estate company.

From that time, Duncan has traveled the world and lived in the UK, Hong Kong, across Australia and now in New York City and has called over 15,000 auctions of all kinds – from real estate to fine art, jewelry, autos and antiques, as well as thousands of charity auctions. Duncan also helps charities realize assets left to them from generous donors in estates, wills, and general asset donations.

Duncan moved to New York from Sydney in 2010. As luck would have it, he was cast as the auctioneer on Bravo TV’s “Clean House: New York“ and was bitten by the production bug. Duncan soon founded Subliminal Productions and has produced thousands of high-end marketing videos. In line with helping charities and non-profits, he has launched True Inspirations to assist charities in fundraising, branding, marketing, and storytelling.

You do not just get an auctioneer but a seasoned business professional that is Mission Driven in approach to achieve your fundraising goals year after year. 

Duncan relocated back to Sydney in 2021 and is the proud father of Charlie, Matilda, Molly and twins Lachlan & Oscar.

- Duncan Schieb

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