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Duncan Schieb Professional Auctioneer and Fundraising Consultant

Why have an auction?

When hosting a charity event, there is no better way than including an auction (live or silent) to maximize the amount of money raised for your cause. It give guests a fun activity to participate in, enhancing the experience, while helping you achieve your goals.


Enlisting the leadership of a professional auctioneer has proven time and time again to help drive bids, and create an atmosphere conducive to your guests wanting to give back. An auctioneer brings many important attributes to the table. Part pyschology, part theatre, part crowd control and part showman, with the clear focus of getting the last dollar from the audience.


 But an auctioneer turning up on the night is not always the best course for a charitable organization......

Choose Experience.

Duncan works with you prior to understand your audience, learn what has worked previously, what has not and put the best plan in place to ensure success on your fundraising day. This can also mean he can help curate the auction items you procure so you can ensure it's something your guests will want and bid on!

Duncan Schieb | Charity Auctioneer | Fundraising | Video Producer

Duncan Schieb | Charity Auctioneer | Fundraising | Video Producer

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