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Duncan Schieb Professional Auctioneer and Fundraising Consultant

Consulting Partnership

The most valuable commodity someone can give you is their time, combined with experience and a passion for change it ends up being a formidable partnership.  - Duncan Schieb

I am confident that at your gala event I will drive revenue so that you can get a significant ROI but I want to go further and be invested in your organization and cause.


In fundraising, the best returns are with those you have the best ongoing relationships. Our relationship becomes a partnership in success for your cause, your people.


I am that confident if I do not return you at least 50% additional revenue on my consulting fees and value ad proposition I will donate my fees back to your organization. It is designed in everyone's interests for success. I work hard everyday to ensure we all succeed.


Charity Consulting: Limited to 20 clients annually 


This consulting program is designed to drive revenue and results in your charity.  A fresh pair of eyes that is focused not just on your annual event but helping you drive fundraising efforts and maximize your technology investment over 12 months.

Like to get in touch?

Please use the contact form or contact details to get in touch for a friendly chat with Duncan.

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